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Flintwater's Island

Updated: May 05, 3:09 p.m.

This island is a canonical part of the DINO-PIRATES OF NINJA ISLAND setting. You can still edit it, but aware that the admins may revert your changes if they don't align with the overall vision of the setting.


This tiny islet harbours a secret: a hollow grotto that provides safe anchorage for a pirate ship!

Components in this Island

Captain Flintwater keeps his sloop of war, The Lazy Tiger, anchored here, in a narrow cave cut right through this tiny island. This perfect hideaway is almost impossible to spot from without, but within it forms a cozy home for Flintwater and his crew.

Flintwater's Home

Owner: barsoomcore

The pirate captain Flintwater keeps his ship anchored here. The island is a tall pillar of basalt that rises out of the ocean like a fencepost, only one with a narrow cavern carved right through its center. The cavern is almost impossible to see if you aren’t looking for it, and sailing in is a tricky task sure to test any captain to the limit.

But within, Flintwater’s rumoured treasures gleam and glint, as do the cruel eyes and hungry blades of his bloodthirsty crew!

You can click on the image at left to download a one-page PDF with all the details (well, some of the details — some you’ll have to supply). Use it for running your own adventure around the fearsome Captain Flintwater! Actually, he could just as easily be the friendly Captain Flintwater: up to you.

But this is a simple, easy-to-manage output for running an adventure set around Flintwater’s lair. The whole idea was sparked by the One-Page Dungeon Contest as run by Eric Schroeder. Check it out, and enter if you’ve got a mind.

The PDF itself is distributed under a separate Creative Commons license, so check that carefully if you want to distribute it. It uses the Attribution Share-Alike Unported 3.0 License, which means you can’t distribute it without using the same license in your own work. Distribute carefully, kids!

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